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Spring, Fall, Winter

Spring and fall are the nicest times of the year on Mljet, when it's not too hot or too croweded. At that times, you can take walks or even go swimming in the lake.
Mungo In the spring, when the nature awakes, you can see different animals in the forrest. One of the cutest and most rare animals is mungo. 
He is original to Mljet and because of him there are no poison snakes. He eats them.
When the fall brings rain on the other parts of Europe, our island remains sunny!

At this time of the year we begin to pick grapes. If you wish, you can participate and help us to make wine.

The same goes for olives: they are ripe in October, and the oil is made traditionaly by mixers. This way the pure natural aroma is left in the oil.
The winter on the island is also a great time to be visiting. The island is sunny, warm, and has got lots things to do. The apartments are turned towards the sea and the sunny side of the island, away from the wind.
And for this reason we are at your service in the winter also.

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