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Cultural fish specialities of Mljet

The island of Mljet has a traditional seafood menu.
You are even able to go on a one day excursion on the open sea, where you are able to participate in catching your own dinner.

Only the daily catch of fresh fish will be served.

Lobsters are also avilable at your request and we will prepare and serve you the finest fish choosen from our pond.
During the summer season, you will have a reserved table on the dock under a palmtree, where you can choose from a number of our kitchen specialities.

Everything prepared for your enjoyment at your meal is from our garden and our fishing boat and nets.

... we hope that you decide to stay long enough to try it all!

Mussels are available cooked in white wine sauce or served raw with lemon juice

Octopus salad or smoked octopus are the definitely worth a try.

Fish will be served in various ways: grilled, smoked, fried, brodet, ... 
You should also try our homemade goat cheese, which is traditionaly stored in a cool cellar in olive oil.
Along with cheese, you can enjoy salted sardines and Dalmatian smoked bacon, lobsters (grilled, in brodet with fish, in salads and with pasta).
One more thing: our receipts are not a secret! For every meal that you wish, you can recieve the special receipt. Your wish is our command!

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